A donor-advised fund allows investors to donate directly to a charitable fund while retaining some control […]
Image: Protesters against female genital mutilation (FGM) demonstrate outside the National Assembly in Banjul, Gambia, on […]
Age 72+ with an IRA? You can now donate to GALDEF via your Required Minimum Distribution. […]
Sex Talk Cafe host Susan Taylor believes “This social custom of infant male circumcision is a […]
Update May 16, 2024: Our May 4th film screening was a great success and GALDEF will […]
GALDEF receives first grant request; searches for more plaintiffs; launches Go Fund Me campaign [UPDATE June […]
Last year, GALDEF distributed the very popular Pride and Intersex flowers at our Pride exhibitor booths. […]
University of Massachusetts hosts Genital Autonomy Advocacy Archives PALM SPRINGS, California – Tim Hammond, pioneering genital […]
For several hours on the morning of January 25, 2024, the New Hampshire legislative Committee on […]
Group of children reading a large poster with the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights
By Daniel N. MacClymont “Everyone’s doing it,” “He slept right through” and “It’s just a snip!”, as […]
The global coalition-building non-profit organization WE, The World published an article in the Sep-Nov 2023 issue […]
GALDEF is pleased to announce that it recently expanded the types of plaintiffs it’s seeking to […]
Two bills were introduced into the New Hampshire legislature for the 2024 session to increase protection […]
One of the perennial questions that genital autonomy organizations have to grapple with is whether they […]