After approval you can designate Genital Autonomy Legal Defense and Education Fund (EIN 88‐3207129) as your preferred cashback recipient here.

Unleash your purchasing power for good!
Apply now for the Charity Charge Cashback Rewards Mastercard

The Genital Autonomy Legal Defense and Education Fund (GALDEF) is pleased to announce the availability of the Charity Charge Mastercard credit card offering 1% cashback to our non‐ profit organization. When you apply for this card, 1% of your accrued charges will be forwarded each quarter to GALDEF. The card features no annual fee to the cardholder, low introductory interest rates and your cashback donations are tax deductible!

Since funding from mainstream grant foundations for children’s genital autonomy issues is not yet easy to come by, your Charity Charge Mastercard cashback contributions through your normal spending patterns can be a major source of funding for GALDEF.

You can use the card for these everyday expenses:

• food shopping ( and the Costco App accept Mastercard, but not in‐store)

• set up auto bill pay for utilities (electric, gas, telephone, cable, internet, etc)

• rent payments (where permitted)

• property taxes and public utilities (water, sewer, etc)

• professional services (lawyer, bookkeeper, accountant, childcare, fitness trainer, etc)

• in‐store and online shopping (holidays, birthdays, back‐to‐school supplies, etc).

• health and beauty (gym membership, barber/hairdresser, nail service, massage/spa, etc)

• entertainment (restaurants, movies, concerts, sports events, etc)

• automobile expenses (fuel, repairs, tires, etc)

• travel expenses (air, hotel, rental cars, cruises, Uber/Lyft, etc)

• medical bills (dental visits, eyeglasses, prescription drugs, etc)

• …and much more

Multiply your support for GALDEF! Apply for the Charity Charge Mastercard and use it to pay for your Cafe Press and Amazon Smile purchases, and whenever you donate to GALDEF using Paypal, Venmo and other payment processing systems.