Our Vision

To create a world in which the right of everyone to bodily integrity and the freedom to choose what’s done to their genitals is legally protected.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote impact litigation by providing the resources needed for our clients to win legal cases involving medically unnecessary child genital cutting.

We can accomplish this by:
· Education programs to expand awareness in the legal community, as well as the general public, and to build coalitions of support to defend children’s bodily integrity rights in the courts and elsewhere.

· Support impact litigation that expands protection of at-risk children’s bodily integrity, genital autonomy and human rights. Support may include: familiarizing attorneys with genital autonomy arguments published in legal, medical, ethics and human rights journals; assisting plaintiffs with legal retainer fees; assisting with reasonable legal costs (filing fees, discovery expenses, provision of expert witnesses, etc); and possible financial reimbursement to attorneys willing to undertake groundbreaking litigation whose cases are ultimately lost or dismissed.

· Raise the funds necessary to contribute to the requisite legal costs of current and future litigation involving Children at Risk of genital cutting and Those Affected by Cutting (the CARTAC community).