Public Education

“Education in the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Online Resources

GALDEF produces online resources explaining the meaning of our litigation to the non-legal public, enhance its impact and amplify the voices of our plaintiffs and our attorneys. We shape public narratives that lay the groundwork for legal reform through earned media, social media, and paid media.


We tell the stories of our clients in ways that motivate supporters to action and decision-makers and opinion leaders to new understandings of our community, using video, blogs, and social media.

Analysis & Response

We provide expert analysis, rapid response, and commentary on political and legal developments that reinforce our brand as trusted authorities.

Public Support

We strengthen public support and awareness of the role of the courts.

Know your rights

We provide accurate and accessible “know your rights” information to the CARTAC (Children at Risk and Those Affected by Cutting) community through digital and printed publications and through training and presentations in communities. We grow our audiences and reach through continued investment in our digital channels and marketing channels.

National Leadership Council

GALDEF will create a National Leadership Council (NLC), composed of staff, donors, and supporters around the country and will equip them with the tools and talking points to be ambassadors for GALDEF and to take leadership roles in developing financial resources to support the GALDEF mission and further amplify our reach and influence.