“The World Health Organization will be well-represented there and they need to hear this.”
The Genital Autonomy Legal Defense and Education Fund (GALDEF) is thrilled to announce our latest
GoFundMe campaign to raise $7500 by October 31 to send two dedicated researchers to WAS2023,
the World Association for Sexual Health conference in Antalya, Turkey (02-05 Nov). This is a unique
opportunity for researchers Tim Hammond and one of his five co-authors, Dr. Mohamed Fahmy, to
present findings from their groundbreaking survey conducted among nearly 1,800 foreskin restorers
across 60 nations.

Findings were published earlier in 2023 in the International Journal of Impotence Research under the
title Foreskin Restorers: Insights into Motivations, Successes, Challenges and Experiences with Medical
and Mental Health Professionals
. Ethicist Brian Earp has hailed this investigation into the long-term
harm of newborn and childhood circumcision as being a “landmark.”
[Tim presented the survey’s preliminary findings at WAS2021 . Watch his WAS2021 presentation and
post-conference interview. ]
The six-member survey team worked tirelessly to analyze the data that was collected. Findings reveal
the physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological aspects of foreskin restoration, highlighting the
importance of understanding and addressing the needs of circumcision sufferers.

GALDEF is pleased to assist Tim in presenting these findings to raise awareness, influence policies, and
foster dialogue among experts, clinicians, and policymakers, all crucial aspects of advocating for change
in the field of human sexuality and making an impact on a global scale.
Dr. Elna Rudolph, WAS president and children’s genital autonomy supporter, urged Tim to present his
survey results at WAS2023, emphasizing the importance of reaching influential organizations by stating
“The World Health Organization will be well-represented there and they need to hear this.”
WAS2023 is an opportunity to amplify the voices of circumcision sufferers and foreskin restorers
worldwide, to illuminate their experiences and to advocate for change. Tim intends to call to
accountability those organizations responsible for the promotion of non-therapeutic penile cutting of
children, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, Centers for Disease Control, and the World
Health Organization.
Achieving this goal is only possible with your generous support to help fund the travel expenses,
conference fees, and accommodations for these passionate researchers, enabling them to elevate the
noble cause of genital autonomy by sharing these vital findings with the world. When you support this
campaign, you become an essential part of GALDEF’s mission to advocate for the rights and well-being
of those affected by circumcision.
Every tax-deductible contribution makes a significant impact in empowering the voices of circumcision
sufferers and foreskin restorers. All donors will receive a free subscription to GALDEF’s email newsletter
updates. Donors of $25 or more will receive a copy of the Abridged Summary and Unabridged
Supplement of the published article.
Together, let’s make a lasting impact in the field of human sexuality and promote understanding,
compassion, and change for all those affected!



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