Sex Talk Cafe host Susan Taylor believes “This social custom of infant male circumcision is a […]
Last year, GALDEF distributed the very popular Pride and Intersex flowers at our Pride exhibitor booths. […]
The global coalition-building non-profit organization WE, The World published an article in the Sep-Nov 2023 issue […]
GALDEF is pleased to announce that it recently expanded the types of plaintiffs it’s seeking to […]
One of the perennial questions that genital autonomy organizations have to grapple with is whether they […]
The 26th Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) in Antalya, Türkiye (2-5 November) convened […]
The recent atrocities perpetrated against Israeli and American citizens by Hamas terrorists – ostensibly on behalf […]
In August GALDEF joined Doctors Opposing Circumcision and Jews Against Circumcision in submitting Amici Curiae briefs […]
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On Sunday, September 17, 2023 GALDEF offered a unique opportunity to genital autonomy advocates to become […]
The Convention Center in Riverside, CA was the site of the Second Annual Riverside Pride festival, […]
“The World Health Organization will be well-represented there and they need to hear this.”The Genital Autonomy […]
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What do homosexuality and the penile foreskin share in common? The medical community demonized both as […]
GALDEF held its first public education and outreach event on Sunday, June 11th at Los Angeles Pride. […]
by David Balashinsky May 7th, 2023 is the eleventh anniversary of the ruling by the Regional Court […]