Ricky Martin ❤️  GALDEF…

…or so it would seem.

GALDEF kicked off a six-month promotional campaign with a one-quarter page ad in Southern California’s THE FIGHT magazine, declaring “Circumcision is not healthcare. It’s a custom.” The attention-grabbing display ad appears features female, non-binary, and male sex symbols with the headline: “Different bodies. Same rights.”

And speaking of sex symbols, who better to place adjacent to our ad than the Latin sex symbol Ricky Martin? In his ad, promoting his June 8 concert at L.A. Pride in The Park, Martin appears to be looking directly at the GALDEF ad and celebrating our message.

GALDEF’s ad appears on page 19, just after the centerfold, explaining that “We assist plaintiffs and their attorneys in the fight for children’s bodily autonomy to let them decide how much of their genitals they get to keep.” The ad campaign is designed to educate, as well as attract more supporters and donors.

THE FIGHT is a popular online ‘zine that also produces 25,000 physical copies monthly and boasts a readership of 112,500 in the heavily populated triangle stretching from Los Angeles to San Diego to Palm Springs. According to the editors “The publication addresses the political, cultural and social changes within the LGBTQ community and focuses on hot button issues, ongoing goals and plans for action. Now is the time to speak out for justice, equal rights and dignity for all. It’s time to join THE FIGHT.”

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