Sex Talk Cafe host Susan Taylor believes “This social custom of infant male circumcision is a trend whose time has come to be laid to rest.”

Listen to Susan’s recent interview with GALDEF Founder Tim Hammond as they explore the myth-information around the practice. Discover why circumcision has been described as a solution in search of a problem. Learn why the common reasons parents choose circumcision are not founded on medical or scientific fact, and the grim truth about how much of the penis is actually removed through circumcision. Find hope as you learn about a new path forward involving impact litigation and the use of the courts to ensure equal protection of bodily autonomy for all children.

Tim Hammond shares his long history of advocacy and activism efforts which are today paving the way for a brighter future for our men and boys.

View the video directly from GALDEF here  or on Vimeo. Susan Taylor is on Instagram: @susanmorgantaylor as well as Facebook: @susanmorgantaylorMA and @susantaylorMA

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